• Made from all types of metals and alloys
  • Fabricated from a flat strip of material
  • Usually made in a punch press
  • Can have irregularly shaped holes and ends
  • Can be formed or bent
  • Can be engraved or marked with numbers, letters, logos

Size Ranges:

Most of the springs we make fall into these general guidelines, however, there are always exceptions. Call us with your requirements and we can design a spring to fit your application.

  • From .001” to .250” thick
  • From .015” to 10.00” width
  • Max Tonnage: 110 tons

Types of Materials Commonly Used:

Virtually any available ferrous/non-ferrous metals

Industries Served:

  • OEM
  • Medical
  • Electronics

End Uses:

  • Stays for safety apparel
  • Calibration Strips for shot peening a.k.a. Almen Strips
  • Brackets
  • Clips, clamps, latches
  • Washers and diaphragms
  • Cover plates
  • Clock hands and pointers
  • Identification tags
  • Electrical contacts


We have a complete tool room with equipment capabilities to fabricate the tools required for the manufacturing of springs, stampings and wire forms.