From left to right: Rich, Jack, and Corey of Lew-El Tool & MFG. CO. 

Lew-El Tool & Mfg. Company is an Illinois Corporation located at 1935 N. Leclaire in Chicago. The company was originally founded in 1947, but was purchased by its present owner, Richard Milburn, in 1970.

Metal stamping was the primary product produced at that time. Stamping tempered spring steel lead us in the direction of flat springs which opened the door to many other kinds of springs.

We developed a niche with some of the most specialized springs in demand. Rich’s mechanical innovations increased spring production exponentially. Eventually he used computer controlled devices to ensure quality and speed of production. This technology was the basis for the company’s growth and success.

The key elements to our success have been quality products and customer service. We developed our quality control procedures based on military standards. Our quality control manual bas been updated over the years to address all the most important quality concerns. We take every effort to meet the quality demands of each customer. Over the past 30 years our quality has run in the high nineties.

We are a small family run business with staff that has been with us for many years. The talent, loyalty and dedication of the team is evidenced by long-standing accounts with many satisfied customers.

Responsive service to our customers is a vital component of our business. Since we are a small business, we have excellent control of every job. We can assist in spring design, prototypes, hand made springs, short runs, and long runs.

We have produced parts for a wide variety of industries, including OEM, military, aerospace, automotive, medical, and electronics. Our springs and stampings have been used for surgical instruments, refrigeration valves, electric motors, hospital beds, machine guns, safety apparel, airplane engines, clothes washers and automatic strapping machines, just to name a few.